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Balance, Flow and Manifest Dhow Cruise Retreat with Yuvraj KapadiaPassed


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    Balance, Flow and Manifest Dhow Cruise Retreat with Yuvraj KapadiaPassed


    Wednesday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    March 8, 2023


    Yuvraj Kapadia

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    Balance, Flow and Manifest Dhow Cruise Retreat with Yuvraj KapadiaPassed


    Wednesday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    March 8, 2023


    Event Schedule:

    Save the Dates: March 8-9, 2023 | Wednesday-Thursday (1 Night and 2 Days)

    Location: Musandam, Oman

    Regular Rate: AED 2,615+5% vat (AED 2,745.75)

    Early Bird Rate: Sold Out

    Facilitated By: Yuvraj Kapadia (Hypnotherapist, Metaphysician and New Thought Leader)

    For more information please email us at OR call 04 4487043 OR WhatsApp on +971 50875 11907.

    Package Includes:

    Workshops & Healing Activities

    Guided Meditation

    Bonfire Rituals

    Breakfast, Lunch, Refreshments & Dinner

    Private Bus Transportation (Pick-up & Drop-off)

    Healing Kit and Care Package

    Healing Activities include:

    • Theory on Soul Balance + Yin & Yang Manifestation
    • Inner Light Exercise to experience the core yin and yang
    • Understanding of Mature v/s Immature Soul development
    • Uncovering unconscious parental enmeshment
    • Clearing unhealed ancestral influences
    • Exploring how these projections affect our relationship with partners, money and career
    • Pranayama techniques to balance energies
    • Integration exercises for Yin and Yang

    Other Fun-Filled Activities Includes:

    • Snorkeling, Swimming & Sunbathing
    • Workshop activities on a Private Island
    • Evening Bonfire
    • Meditation
    • Inclusive of all Meals: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
    • Healing Activities on a Dhow Cruise
    • Inclusive of Transportation

    About The Retreat:

    We all carry the polarity of masculine and feminine energies within us, regardless of biology. Both these principles play an important role in manifesting our goals and finding the happiness, balance and contentment we are seeking.

    Problems arise when these energies are out of balance. This imbalance can be due to trauma we have faced, parental projections, ancestral baggage or inner child struggles.

    We then find ourselves out of alignment with our life purpose, universal flow and divine intelligence.

    The truth is, everything we want is in the quantum field, waiting to be made manifest.

    All we must do is find that inner balance and equilibrium in order to connect to nature, spirit and our true authentic selves.

    This retreat is all about a process of reconnecting with our soul presence and returning back to flow state so you can cruise through your life. Set in the stunning backdrop of the beautiful waters of Oman on a dhow cruise, Participants will experience the following:

    • Different meditation practices will be conducted to get to the triggers that imbalance this inner harmony.
    • Deep insights into our parental projections and ancestral influences will be explored and healed.
    • A variety of breath work routines aimed at supporting this healing transformation will be taught.

    The end objective is to return back to our dynamic lives in a state of inner equilibrium, armed with practical tools to navigate and master life journeys being clear in our minds and neutrality in our emotional responses which will help you to consciously manifest your creation from your most authentic place within.

    Important Notes:

    -Maximum of 20 people only. Additional sign ups will be subject to availability and confirmation.

    -The Group will be sleeping on the deck of a traditional Dhow without a cabin. We will provide Mattress, bed sheet, pillows, sleeping bag and blankets.

    -Visa is not included on the Package (If required).

    -Please fill out and sign the Retreat Registration Form. Terms and Conditions Apply.

    -Retreat Guidelines will be sent 1 week prior.

    *Cancellation Policies* (Terms and Conditions Apply):

    In the event you cancel your reservation, regardless of the circumstances, and unless agreed otherwise in writing, the following refunds apply:

    Cancellation fee: Refund is not applicable. Illuminations will deduct AED 300+5% vat Administration charge for Marketing and Handling fee. Apart from that, the following are additional charges based on the suppliers’ policy. Remaining balance will be credited back on your Illuminations account and can be use for any services.

    -Cancellation 2 weeks or less before arrival date, 0% credit on Illuminations Account

    -Cancellation 2 to 4 weeks before arrival date, 50% credit on Illuminations Account

    -Cancellation more than 4 weeks before arrival date, 100% credit on Illuminations Account

    Cancellations will not be accepted by phone. Cancellation must be received by email.

    Facilitated By:

    Yuvraj kapadia

    Yuvraj Kapadia

    Hypnotherapist, Metaphysician

    & New Thought Leader

    Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia is one if India’s most well known clinical hypnotherapist, family constellations practitioner and holds a postgraduate in regression therapy from the TASSO institute Holland. He has trained over 1500 individuals to qualify as hypnotherapists worldwide. Dr. Kapadia is considered to be amongst the most dynamic and inspiring of motivational speakers, with a vision to integrate and present holistic health with scientific backing.